What is the Value of Cosec 90 Degrees ?

Solution :

The value of cosec 90 degrees is 1.

Proof :

\(\angle\) A of \(\Delta\) ABC is made large and large until it becomes 90 degrees. As \(\angle\) A gets large and large \(\angle\) C gets smaller and smaller. Side AB goes on decreasing. The point A gets closer to point B. When \(\angle\) C becomes very close to 0 degree. The side AC almost coincide with side BC and side AB becomes to zero.

So, AC = BC and AB = 0

90 degrees

By using trigonometric formulas,

\(cosec 90^{\circ}\) = \(hypotenuse\over perpendicular\) = \(h\over p\)

\(cosec 90^{\circ}\) = \(AC\over BC\) = \(BC\over BC\) = 1

Hence, the value of \(cosec 90^{\circ}\) = 1.

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