Trigonometric Equations

Trigonometric Equations Solving Strategies

Here, you will learn trigonometric equations solving strategies i.e by factorisation and reducing it to a quadratic equation etc. Let’s begin – Different Strategies for Trigonometric Equations Solving (a) Solving trigonometric equations by factorisation Example : If \(1\over 6\)sin x, cos x, tan x are in G.P. then the general solution for x is Solution …

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How to Find General Solution of Trigonometric Equation

Here, you will learn what is trigonometric equation and how to find general solution of trigonometric equation with examples. Let’s begin – An equation involving one or more trigonometrical ratios of unknown angles is called a trigonometrical equation. Solution of Trigonometric Equation A value of the unknown angle which satisfies the given equation is called …

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