Parametric Equation of Rectangular Hyperbola

Here, you will learn what is rectangular hyperbola and parametric equation of rectangular hyperbola with example. Let’s begin – Rectangular Hyperbola The particular kind of the hyperbola in which the length of it’s transverse axis and conjugate axis are equal is called rectangular hyperbola. The eccentricity of the rectangular hyperbola is \(\sqrt{2}\) and the length …

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Equation of Conjugate Hyperbola

Here you will learn what is conjugate hyperbola, equation of conjugate hyperbola and basic definitions of like eccentricity and latus rectum. Let’s begin – The hyperbola whose transverse & conjugate axes are respectively the conjugate and transverse axes of given hyperbola is called the conjugate hyperbola of given hyperbola.  The equation of the conjugate hyperbola …

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