Square Root Function – Graph, Domain and Range

Here you will learn what is square root function with definition, graph, domain and range.

Let’s begin –

Square Root Function

The function that associates a real number x to +\(\sqrt{x}\) is called square root function. Since \(\sqrt{x}\) is real for x \(ge\) 0. So, we defined the square root function as follows :

Definition : The function f : \(R^+\) \(\rightarrow\) R defined by f(x) = +\(\sqrt{x}\) is called the square root function.

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Square Root Function Graph

The values of f(x) = +\(\sqrt{x}\) increase with the increase in x.

So, the graph of f(x) = +\(\sqrt{x}\) is :

square root function

Domain and Range :

Clearly, the domain of the square root function is \(R^+\) i.e [\(0, \infty\)) and its range is also [\(0, \infty\)).

Domain : [\(0, \infty\))

Range : [\(0, \infty\))

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