What is the Value of Cot 0 Degrees ?

Solution :

The value of Cot 0 degrees is equal to \(\infty\) or not defined.

Proof :

\(\angle\) A is made smaller and smaller in the right \(\Delta\) ABC till it becomes zero. As \(\angle\) A gets smaller and smaller the length of the side BC decreases. The point C gets closer to the point B and finally when \(\angle\) A becomes very close to 0 degrees, AC becomes almost the same as AB, and BC gets very close to 0.

0 degrees

By using trigonometric formula,

Cot A = \(base\over perpendicular\) = \(b\over p\)

Cot A = \(AB\over BC\) = \(AB\over 0\) = \(1\over 0\), which is not defined.

Hence,  \(cot 0^{\circ}\) = \(\infty\) or not defined.

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